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Salinas Volkswagen Repair

Salinas Volkswagen Repair | European AutoSalinas European Auto, an ASE Certified Shop, provides professional repair services for all VW models. The newest models have complex electronic system that take care of any aspect of vehicle behavior, and require special expertise, tools, knowledge and certifications to handle the problems that may occur. We carry all the latest and greatest in computers and diagnostics equipment.

For the older cars we have all the experience and knowledge to repair and restore your old VW car. Whether it be replacing a VW timing belt or finding a secondary air leak, we are fully equipped and professional trained to handle the problem and bring you back on the road in no time.

VW Maintenance

VW's are know for their reliability and durability. A important step in keeping this reliability is checking your oil, antifreeze, brake fluid , power steering fluid, battery and belts. Checking all fluids is an important part of driving and keeping your car safe and functional.

Wen repair is necessary we use all OEM German parts in all repairs. Using original tools and equipment during the repair of your VW is a important step towards maintaining your Volkswagen in optimal working order and ensuring it will continue to work reliably when your car past over 300k mileage.  Using the right oil meaning choosing the correct weight and quality for your car. Used with an original German oil filter is important in keeping your engine in good working condition.