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Salinas Mercedes Repair

Salinas Mercedes Repair | European AutoMercedes is founded in 1886 by Carl Benz. They created the first car with a single cylinder engine and three wheels. Since then Mercedes has steadily continued to innovate its way, producing some of the first electric cars, independent suspensions and honey comb style radiator. In Present Mercedes there are more electronics and computers systems than just about any car on the road, regulating everything in your car.

An ASE Certified Shop, European auto’s technicians have Advanced Certifications and professional knowledge of German-manufactured vehicles. We guarantee that repairs will be handled quickly and professionally and you will get back on the road in no time.

Mercedes Maintenance

Most of the times maintenance is cost less than repair, so our main goal is to offering you service before your car breaks down. The most important thing to us is your safety and your car’s reliability. To ensure your car is running well and help you prevent expensive breakdowns, we follow the manufacturer service schedule for your car. This schedule represents the care your car needs in order to maintain it's good order and working condition.

Mercedes have a large selection of models, and without a doubt some of the most complex computer systems on the car market today. The modern systems require the Star Diagnostics scanner for accessing and programing them. The original Mercedes require experienced technicians and fortunately for you, here at Salinas European Auto we are all well qualified for that job. To maintain your Mercedes in top-notch shape our service will include changing your oil, brakes, antifreeze, brake fluid, cabin filter, air filter etc etc. The newest models also require regular computer software updates, that constantly improve you car performance, as well as service reminder resets after each maintenance. All services currently offered at Salinas European Auto.